About Us

Company History

TriState Industrial Contractors had its beginnings more than 25 years ago. Since then, we have grown through three major development phases building and delivering the critical competencies required to support our customers’ needs.

Stage 1: Building The Foundation
During the 1980’s, TSI began building the skills sets needed to excel in industrial contracting. We chose essential skill components, immersed ourselves in all the aspects required for quality execution, and then put that knowledge into practical application. From capabilities like basic site preparation to specialty coating systems, we acquired the critical expertise necessary to support a broad array of client needs.

Stage 2: Integrating The Skills
Our experience through the 1990?s on a wide range of jobs gave us the knowledge we needed to manage the planning and delivery of complex industrial projects. As we acquired new proficiencies and trade specific skills, we determined that we could provide significant additional value by offering industrial general contracting services. We learned how to deliver as planned, on time and on budget.

Stage 3: Expanding Core Competencies
We have continued to acquire the management talent, trade skills and the technologies that enable us to bring the highest quality, most cost effective product to our clients. Today TriState Industrial has grown into four Divisions delivering:

  1. Industrial General Contracting
  2. Industrial Mechanical Contracting
  3. Specialty Services
  4. Emergency Services
Embracing The Future We look forward to improving our capabilities every day through every project. We understand there’s no magic bullet in this business; we continue to manage our growth using the same principles that have served us well since our inception, plan carefully, adjust thoughtfully and execute flawlessly.

Tristate Industrial
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